Barbecue is nothing without barbeque sauce. If you’re planning to organize a barbecue party for your birthday in the future, then you should know about barbecue sauces styles to offer your guests a different taste of sauces. However, if you can’t cook everything because it’s going to be a big event, you can ask bbq catering in Raleigh to cater for you. Below are the barbecue sauce styles you can request from your caterer.  


Basting Liquid 

The first barbecue sauce incorporated into barbecue meats is a mixture of salt, butter, vinegar and pepper. There are also cooks in 19th century that combines salt, water and pepper to add secondary flavor to their smoked meats. Smokehouses use the basting liquid with the meat drippings as the base and other spiking ingredients like chipotle, lemon juice, ancho and garlic.  


Vinegar sauce is the first evolution from the basting tradition and until today, remains as the basic sauce for barbecue. Caterers or chefs use cider or white vinegar and dried red pepper flakes which produce a spicy and tangy taste.  

There is modification overtime. For example, a Lexington-style barbecue adds ketchup to their vinegar-based dip to make it thick and sweet. Vinegar sauce is best served with pork shoulder or whole hog. The pork’s smokiness and sweetness complements well with the acidic tang of vinegar.  

Tomato and Vinegar  

During the mid-2th century, tomato-based barbecue became popular especially when added with the bite of vinegar. Tomato and vinegar sauces have a sweet-and-sour flavor which includes the kick of pepper.  

If your barbecue meat includes pork ribs, then tomato and vinegar sauce is perfect for it. The sweetness of a tomato-based sauce lingers the flavor of the pork.  

Tomato and Sugar 

Tomato and sugar sauce is the most recognized barbecue sauce style in America. The heavy tomato sauce makes the barbecue attractive because of the way it coats the meat. This sauce style is often prepared with brown sugar or molasses with inflections of pepper and vinegar. This sauce is best used on slices of smoked beef brisket, rack of spare ribs or fatty burnt ends.  


In South Carolina, the barbecue sauce that dominates the most is the mustard-based sauce. It is best served in whole hog which is smoked, chopped and sauced with vinegar, mustard and other seasoning. The tangy and rich taste of mustard sauce complements the sweetness of a whole hog.  

Mayonnaise or White Barbecue Sauce 

White barbecue sauce is made popular in Alabama by Big Bob Gibson. The sauce is made from vinegar, mayonnaise, lemon juice and black pepper. Its consistency can be a think drizzle or a thick dressing. This barbecue sauce style is not that popular in households, but it becomes a regional signature because of its tangy, creamy and peppery flavors.  

Barbeque sauces are great companions of whole hogs, smoked pork and others. It will never be out of style because people will always look for something to dip their barbecue with.